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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Epic 40,000 - City Fight Terrain Part 1

I have for years loved the game Epic Armageddon and wished that Games Workshop never discontinued it.  In fact over the years I had collected a rather large assortment of models of different armies.  But when I lost touch with the few people that played I like so many others sold off my collection.  Now I have some new gaming buddies who have decided to get into it.

The best part of the game to me is the scale at which it is played.  6mm is awesome for large division actions that are fought with a large variety of models.  This time around I have opted for a straight Imperial Guard Regiment with Titan Legion support.  This allows me to field my two favorite armies in this scale.

My score from eBay all in one sale.
Now that I have the basics of terrain sourced I have started to layout building ruins for my table.  I would like my city to be as modular as possible to allow for some rather different scenarios.  But I also want the larger buildings to be able to provide cover for titans so that the game does not become static.

Basic layout

Looks good

This is how I see the game.

Provides cover even to a Warlord.