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Sailing the high seas with Black Seas!

I do have a weak spot for anything sail ships and warlord games Black Seas peaked my interest.  But I did manage to hold off on buying it......that is until.  My buddy Justin went to Historicon this year and while there all on his own he bought a starter box of United States.  The moment he messaged me about it I ordered up my British starter set.  This ones all on him....... Ordered up from Miniature Market as they are my go to store since The Warstore decided to stop doing business. That's alot of ships in the box, while I prefer working with pewter or resin these do not look to bad.(Of how I regret that statement when I started building these) Some items are resin....mostly larger ships and such. Ok this image is poorly done in my opinion.  Part "B" does't work in that position very well.  Now maybe I am missing something but an actual building video from Warlord Games would work wonders here. I did

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