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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mordheim - The Crypt Board - Terrain Part 9

So a little more of an update for today.  My son and I managed to get some textured paint down on the board this weekend.  As you can see we already painted the board with a dark brown base coat and then a rough highlight of light brown.  This is all with standard house paint from the hardware store.

Once that dried we glued the walls and fences down with clear liquid nails.  This way it will hold up and we should not have any problems with any glue oozing out.  If it does we can pull it up after drying for a few hours without damaging the paint.
Coated with textured paint.
Roughly laid out the walls and fence to get an idea how it will look.
Laid all the fence and wall out.

Looks lovely!!!
Laid out some of the interior items to check fit and form.  Also decided to take some pictures with models on the table to get a feel for the game.
Lets see how everything works.

Ground level view.