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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

British - Flames of War "The Great War" - Part 1

Model Project "British Great War"

Now that I have the models for Great War.  I can start to getting them ready to paint up.  Before I started that I needed to do some quick research on the actual army.  So off to Wikipedia for some basic information and ideas.  Below are two links that helped me determine what I wanted to do with the army.

I choose the 21st Division as there insignia was easy to do and had some good background to it.

21st Division's Insignia "Triple Sevens"

Start with one Army Box
Taking a look at the contents of the box allowed me to determine that I wanted to start off with the infantry.  A tall order but the nice thing is no one else in my gaming group is starting great war just yet.  So I can build and paint unit by unit as I want to and not rush to have an army painted and on the table ready to play.

Check all the contents to ensure they are all there.
I am going for a infantry/artillery heavy army with this theme.  Being that I would like to play with the complete Rifle Company at some point I need to paint close to 7 infantry platoons to complete it.

My guide for what and how to build.
I am still amazed at the detail that was on the models.

Look at that detail.
While doing research on the army and waiting for Battle Front to produce the paint pallete for the British I happened across this picture from the internet.  I am hoping to match this as closely as possiable with using the British Paint Set.  Luck would have it that Battle Front had a Early War sale that included paints.  So I stocked up on my polish paint set as well getting the British for Free.
This is the look that I will be attempting.
My buddy Steve has now gotten me onto the habit of painting each figure in a more detailed fashion from my tabletop standard.  Off to the craft store to purchase cork board and push pins.  Note to anyone else doing this method of painting, get the flat top push pins as the models sit better.

I have started off by gluing each model to a tack.
I happen to have a gotten a large bag of wine corks from a firend awhile back.  I think she actually might have a drinking problem since the bag had over a 100+ corks of various types in it.

After priming them with Army Painter black I transferred them to wine corks.