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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Review - Flames of War "The Great War" - Part 2

Model Review

My box set of Great War British has finally showed up.  To my surprise the box was not shrink wrapped and there was no army book in it either.  This has since been cleared up with a simple email to Battlefront and at the time of this writing they are sending me a new one.  I also decided to order up two more boxes to fill out the army.  I'm lucky that I have a War-games Illustrated subscription and got a digital copy a few nights ago.

The box is very nice and enjoyable to hold in my hands, I love the fact that its a complete army like Battlefront use to do a few years ago.  While this is limited in building your list when it comes to playing right out of the box you actually get almost one of every possible unit to build your army.  I figure it will take two more boxes and a few blisters to round out my list for large games and to have all the options.

Here is the army list that you can make.  I do like the layout of the troops to armor ratios here, but am a little disappointed at the lack of artillery options.  Hopefully this will change with some future expansions with new nations added.

Only one problem so far and this is one that I have with a lot of Battlefront army list that they have.  They tend to show "Horse-drawn limbers" for options but do not really make a model for them.  The ones that they have made in the past are not exactly perfect matches or area near impossible to obtain.

Luckily I have an Old Glory Army card and they have some 15mm models that will fit in nicely as stand ins.  Below are some of the options that I recently ordered up.  These will fit nicely on some large Flames of War bases with some minor changes to the crews and cargo in them.

Old Glory 15mm British Horse Drawn Ambulance

Old Glory 15mm British Horse Drawn Supply Wagon

Old Glory 15mm British Ambulance Truck

Old Glory 15mm British Supply Truck

The quality of the models is very good as you can see in the picture below.  I have not taken anything out from the blisters as of yet.  But these should require little to no cleaning and go together very easy.