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Friday, November 21, 2014

Adeptus Custodes - Warhammer 40k Army

This past week I have contacted a professional painter who has offered his services to paint my rather large Adeptus Custodes army that I have collected.  All of the models are Scibor Miniatures and are very nicely detailed and are extremely lovely sculpts.

Scibor Miniatures
I will be sending the below two models to him for test paint jobs, with some examples of what is expected.

HQ choices for the army.

One thing that I have always wondered was the pitfalls that occur in doing this and how best to avoid them.

So I have provided very clear instructions but have also allowed for some artistic license for the painter.  I think this is where the number one problem occurs with commission painting.  People are not clear about what they expect or forget to tell painters.

  • Gold armor
  • Red capes(I leave any freehand work to you)
  • Jems, or lens should be green
  • Steel should be steel colors or stone grey(Sword for example)
  • Hair color should be brownish
  • Weathering is ok but light.
  • Object Source Lighting(OSL) should be minimal, not glaring.
  • Bolter Firing, blue/white
  • Any Plasma weapons should be Purple
  • Bases
  • Desert Stone with green foliage(reds and oranges are ok but not primary colors)

Some of the insperation for this army will come from the book "The collected works of the Horus Hearsey".  Below are some other insperational pictures to give a feel for what this project will slowly become.