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Friday, November 7, 2014

Dystopian Wars - Part 2 - A start of something big.

Starting on the first box was a tough call, do I start with something small to get my feet wet or do I just dive right in.  Well looking at my choices I decided to just dive in head first.  Besides the Naval Battle Group box set seemed to have a pretty diverse selection of models to start with.

Everything laid out from the box, nothing was broken or missing.
The first thing that I noticed was that everything was safely packed away in bubble wrap to protect it.  There is a metric ton of Tiny Flying Tokens as the book calls them.  Also a dry fit of most of the parts shows that they will require little to no cleaning up.

"The infamous Naval Battle Groups of the Prussian Empire surge forth under the imposing guns of a mighty Kaiser Karl Heavy Battleship. Flanked by a squadron of Uhlan Cruisers and a deadly Königsberg Battle Cruiser, with the supporting Aircraft Wings of the colossal Elbe Fleet Carrier circling overhead and swift Arminius Frigates and Saxony Corvettes at its heels, this is truly a force to be reckoned with." - Dystopian Wars Website

Elbe Fleet Carrier

Kaiser Karl Heavy Battleship

Königsberg Battle Cruiser

Uhlan Cruisers

Arminius Frigates

Saxony Corvettes

Tiny Flying Tokens (I actually got 20 instead of the 19 listed on the box)

Objective Marker

If I have mislabeled a ship please forgive me as trying to find out what specific ships are which can be a little difficult when their is no one to ask in person.  All in all from the look of the ships themselves I am quite pleased with this purchase.  I would also like to note for a complete list of what was in the box is listed below.


 1 x Kaiser Karl Heavy Battleship
1 x Elbe Fleet Carrier
1 x Konigsberg Battle Cruiser
3 x Uhlan Cruiser
4 x Arminius Frigate
5 x Saxony Corvette
19 x SAS Token
4 x SAW Movement Tray
12 x 7mm Dice
3 x A5 Token and Template Sheets
1 x TAC Deck