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Friday, November 14, 2014

Epic 40,000 - City Fight Terrain Part 5

I have finished the tiles and making the roads for my small Epic City fight table.  The buildings are starting to be laid out to allow game-play and ease of model placement.  Recently I purchased 4 new on sprue sets of the GW Epic ruins from eBay.

I will also be using some cast I made of some of the sprue bits to build some more intact ruin buildings to spread out around the table.  All of these will be permanently mounted to these boards and I have the ability to change the overall layouts because the table is made with 12" x 12" MDF tiles.

A word of caution here for anyone trying to build their own city in 6mm scale.  You have to decide on play-ability or scenic appeal.  I am hoping to have a mix of both so that I can use this table to showcase games in the future.

Wide street view, you can just make out the heights of the buildings.
Newly arrived ruins from eBay.
These buildings will be used to create impassable terrain on the table and to break up the barren aspect of gaming.  I would think that a world at war would have some buildings that manage to survive even partially more than the ruins that GW made.

The begining of some impassable terrain for the table.

A lot of work to be done but they result will be nice.  

Simple one story structure.