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Monday, November 17, 2014

Gaming Rooms - My man-cave.

A few years ago my wife and I purchase a fixer upper home to lower our housing expenses.  The best part of the house to me was that I would have my own hobby room, albeit on the 4th floor of the house but I could deal with that.

Day one, we bought the house and I have a gaming room.

The room is decent enough and is large enough to fit a 4' x 8' table in it with some room for a workbench, 4-5 guest, and some storage for models.  The wood paneling will be replaced at some point in the future and 

Wood paneling is not my first choice.

Day three, the room is filled with my collection.
After awhile I had managed to store most the models and get things in the room to a point that we could game and build in comfort.

Day twelve, the room is semi-organized and usable.

Still not 100% on the layout.

I found more things as we moved into the house that need placed in the room.

That closet is filled with models.

This is the barest that this room has been.