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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tutorial - Weathering Basics - Part 1

How to weather your models to have that natural look to them.

Awhile back I actually did up a tutorial for a buddies blog explaining how to weather your models.  Now there are plenty of articles out there and the original one of this process is lost to the internet gods.  But I will quickly go over it again for anyone who might be interested.

Base coat Army Painter Desert Yellow

Some of the paints/washes are no longer available but you can use the process with any equivalent you might have or some of the newer Games Workshop paints.

Sponge on GW Tin bitz or similar paint.

Sponge on GW Boltgun Metal

Sponge lightly Mithral Silver or similar

Wash with devlan mud

Set standing up to allow wash to pool in lower recess.