Things of note

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dystopian Wars - Painting the first of my fleet.

One of the key features that I wanted to take advantage of with Dystopian Wars was Naval aircraft battles.  The idea of recreating the navel battles of the south pacific in miniature scale has always fascinated me but I am not a die hard "Historical" guy so the sci-fi/steampunk of the Dystopian universe really gets me wanting to paint and build fleets.

If anyone remembers the TV show "Black Sheep Squadron" I would have to say that's where my real fascination comes from.  Looking back on my childhood, this show always one of my first choice shows to watch.  Of course back then most kids only had 15-20 channels on TV to watch but for me that was plenty.

The first step for me after cleaning up the models shown above was to lay down a nice primer that would take paint nicely.  I almost exclusively use Army painter primer spray paints.  It goes on supper smooth, does not run when applied correctly, and does not eat detail.  Priming was done in desert brown and allowed to dry.

All painted and looking good so far, I painted some fighters red to show command or aces in game and to break up to sea of green fighters.

Movement trays were up next and after some cleaning and priming I managed to paint them up to stand out on the table.