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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Cleaning up the hobby room and Inventorying my horde.

So last year I decided to rebuild my gaming table and clean up my hobby room.  Once again I am reminded of the horde of models that I have accumulated.  Its funny how much stuff I managed to acquire and how random some of it is.  I know that a lot of these kits are worth a decent price now with so many models being old and out of print.

Pulling all the boxes sitting around and creating a spreadsheet.
The best way to store the items was to package them into totes and label them so I could hopefully find things easier in the future.  During this whole process my mother offered to store the items in one of her spare bedrooms.  Which is awesome as it gets it out of my house and will cause me to really decide if I want to build them or not.  Which since doing this has helped me in getting rid of a lot of stuff.  Especially after seeing the MSRP of what all I have accumulated.
The start of the storing and shipping to my mom's place.
When I was all done 12 totes were filled and I still had full shelves around the room.  Then the process of carrying the totes down 4 flights of stairs at my house to my mothers and up 3 flights their.  Not an easy process but was made easier by the my kids helping out.
That escalated quickly.

It took almost 8 trips with my truck filled to move stuff.