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Friday, July 15, 2016

Mordheim - The Graveyard Board - Terrain Part 6

Awhile back I saw some people had made gallows to play on and decided to have a go myself at making some.  I looked all around the internet for a suitable inspiration and finally found the below image.  Now this is exactly what I was looking at because it was simple but basic.  Now I knew I was gonna need to make some changes to what I would able to build but this gave me a great start.

Image courtesy of Legends of America

First step was to find material and start from there.  I happened to have some balsa wood sitting around and just started cutting up material.  No real plans to build from on this one.

Basic framing and layout complete.
As you can see the basic shape of the base was completed rather quickly and only required a little sanding to ensure stability.

All glued and ready for the next step.

Planking was added using popsicle sticks from a local craft store.  These have been useful on several projects.
Planking cut to size and laid out.
Oh yeah let me just say that cutting the uprights was a bit of a pain in the arse.

Uprights and barrels for unfortunate victims.
Stairs added and some minor cleaning of spots with sanding and trimming.

Stairs were handcrafted of course.
Painting was preaty simple as it was just brown spray paint and them a couple washes to bring out the grain of the wood.
Painting started and looking more like aged wood.
Tied off some nooses and painted and glued barrels for victims to stand on before hanging.

All the accessories and nooses ready to go.