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Monday, October 31, 2016

October Monthly Check In

      Greetings fellow gamers.  I want to take a few moments to talk about my hopes and dreams...Well maybe not all of that.  But I've been spending a lot of timely lately listening to a lot of different gaming podcasts lately on my way to and from work, and I've been giving myself the guilt trip about this blog.  I was glad to accept the offering of participating in this blog, but have not lived up to my promise of posting.  So my plan beginning the end of November is to AT A MINIMUM post once a month about all things gaming in my life.  It'll be a little bit of everything from new purchases to things on my table, to games I got in, and maybe a little bit of what's going on in my life (as it effects or pertains to gaming so not to bore you).  I will try to keep the same format throughout so it doesn't become random pages of confusing rambling. 

      With the Summer coming to an end I'm hoping to be able to focus a little more on the hobby and be able to spend some more time on it.  Since I just decided to start on this now I don't really have a lot to report for October, nor do I have any pictures of any I have done.  So this will be kind of brief and dry.  Work has been crazy lately so it's been difficult to get anything off the table.  I've been prepping these last few weeks for Fall In coming to Lancaster, PA.  For all historical gamers, you should be able to recognize it.  But if not, the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society (HMGS) holds three events a year.  Fall In in November, Cold Wars in March, and the biggin' Historicon in July.  Always a good time and worth the check out:  So, there will a decent article coming next month about all of that.  I might do a separate one just on that since I plan on trying out some new games while I'm there. 

      As far as new purchases, well...there hasn't been any this month.  I've been saving every penny for Fall In so again, expect a good haul showing next month. 

      For painting and modeling this past month, I've been really focused on my Mordheim warband.  There will most likely be a post soon about them with the finished product.  I think I'm down to my last 3-4 so I'll save that talk for when that comes out.  In the future I'll be posting updates about what I'm working on and finalize it with a completed post about said project.

      I didn't get much chance to play a lot this month.  As I said, work's been crazy and taking up most of my time.  I did get to throw some dice with Erik on a 1250 FoW game.  We've been talking a lot about hitting the tourney scene again so have been working out deciding what forces we want to take.  So I broke out my trusty Italian Bersaglieri while Erik is working on a new project and put down a US Armored Rifle Co.  We rolled for Counter Attack which anyone who plays Bersaglieri (or any Infantry list with no transport for that matter), can attest to how much it SUCKS having to move that much infantry across the table.  Especially when a wall of halftracks are pouring down on you.  Luckily I was able to catch his transports off track and scored some hits.  Which, forced him to disembark with half the table still to cover which gave my MG's plenty of time to go to work.  Have I said before how much I love that the Bersaglieri have mixed platoons with MG'S and AT's right in them?  I ended up pulling out a win, but gave us both much to think about with working on making competitive lists.

      So that's it for  now.  Novembers will be a little more interesting with pictures and some reports from Fall In.  I should also be putting up a complete post on my Mordeim.  We also have a full game day planned at Steve's for some 1750 Mid War FoW.  And if anyone has any ideas or suggestions on what they'd like to see coming or changes to my very rough format, let me know.  Thanks and happy gaming. 

                          - Justin.