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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Justin's November Check-In


     Well, November is over already, and soon Christmas will be upon us.  November was a fairly busy month for gaming considering my schedule at work.  One non-gaming thing that was pretty cool was we spent the day at a local Christkindlmarkt.  From spending time in Germany and quickly falling in love the with culture we decided to see how it staked up.  Spent lots of money on something other than minis for a change and got to get a little taste of some of the stuff I've missed.

Lot's of goods to combat my diet

     I've already posted about all my goods from Fall In so I won't get into that again.  But, I was able to grab some other things this month.  The big buy was because of Fall In.  We've decided to get into Bolt Action up our way and so I've continued my love for the Finns.  Warlord games runs some really good deals on Starter Army's where you can actually build and pick what you want. So I was able to pick up my entire army and a building to boot.  Also with working on trying to get more focused keeping up with this blog, I decided to upgrade and buy myself a decent light box so I can post uniformed pics of finished projects.  Although some of it is a bit cheap, I'm happy with it for the price I paid.  That was pretty much it this month as Christmas is right around the corner and I should be a good parent and get the kids a few things...

Look at all those Finns!
Not bad for the price

     This month was fairly productive as far as the painting table. I was finally able to finish up my Mordheim warband which I'll be putting up a separate post about that hopefully soon.  Other than that it's been strictly Bolt Action other than a test building for terrain for Bolt.  I've promised some people that my force will be ready by the new year so I've put the blinders on and that's all that will cross my table....maybe...

A small taste of the flood of Finnish.
Sarissa Precision terrain.  Pretty impressive for laser cut.

     We were actually able to get a game day in this month at Steve's.  We've been working on Flames of War, Mid War, 1750 points since there's been lots of talk about getting back into the tournament scene.  We played on a smaller 4 X 4 table just because of room constraints but it worked out well.  Even though all three of us brought North Africa lists, the table was set up as a European town.  I brought my Italian Battaglione Bersaglieri and ended up going against Steve's US Tank Company.  We rolled for the Pincer mission and I began setting up my defensive wall.  He ended up pushing hard on my weak flank and probably would have had the objective if it wasn't for my 88's springing their ambush and beating a few waves of armor coming in at me.  Thankfully they held since my first reserves didn't come in until turn 6.  I ended up pulling out a win and clearing his forces from the table.  It was a good game but I'm still working on how to properly deploy my force especially when it comes to what units will be held in reserve.

Our "desert" table

Our "desert" table

Italians in the woods as he hits my right
88's spring and Arty pitches in

     I was also able to sneak in a game of X-wing with my son.  Still working on getting him into gaming. So far it's X-wing and Heroclix...

     Well that's it for November.  I'll be working on getting up my Mordheim post soon.  And we have another game day set for December.  And with any luck a decent update on my Finnish Bolt Action.  Until then, have a great Holiday season and we'll see you in the new year.

                                      - Justin.