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Friday, December 16, 2016

Mordheim Beastmen Warband

  Today I want to highlight the latest project completed off of my table.  Below you'll find a write up of what my beginning 500 gold Warband consists of with lots of pictures (taken with my new fang-dangled light box). 

     We decided to start to start a long term campaign of Mordheim  This would be something we could play over an extended time and at our leisure since all you would need is at least two of the "gang" to get together to get their game in.  Erik has been working on an amazing Mordheim board which he's showcased here on the blog.  He's also written some pretty cool rules for a "dungeon crawl" which can be played intermittently to give individuals who may fall behind a chance to gain a little extra experience and gold.  So this gave me a chance to break out my beloved Beastmen and work on some different paint schemes.  For some extra character I had also named my characters.  These actually carry over from another Fantasy campaign we played a few years ago. 

     First up is my Chieftan, Devorator (Romanian for devouring).  I found an older metal champion model that was set up perfectly.  He's outfitted with a double-handed weapon, heavy armor, and a helmet.  He checks out at 140 GC. 

     Next up is my Shaman, Cel Puternic (The Mighty).  He's loaded with just a simple battle axe as you can't use armor with a Wizard anyway.  He checks out at 50 GC. 

     Last on my Character list are two Bestigors, Flagel (scourge) and Krall (doesn't translate to anything just thought it sounded cool).  They're set up the same with a double-handed weapon and light armor.  They come to 80 GC a piece. 

Krall left, Flagel right

Krall left, Flagel right

Flagel left, Krall right

     Now we move to the "expendables", the henchmen.  The muscle in the Beastmen horde have always been the Gor in my opinion.  So, of course I had to make sure I had some in my Warband.  And since these are pretty much the "pawns" in the force I had to make sure when they got in to combat they did as much as possible.  So, double axes and no other expenses.  For two of them it came to 90 GC. 

     Lastly to round out the force, I need something with some type of missile weapons.  Sadly since the Beastmen are a supplement for Mordheim they didn't get as much love as I feel they should've.  Thanks to the relaxed level we play at everyone agreed that it would be acceptable for my Ungor to be able to carry short bows, since that is primarily the use for them in Fantasy.  So I threw of them in and it cost me my last 60 GC

     So that's it to start.  We're looking forward to getting this going in full swing but need a few more people to commit.  In the meantime, I'm still working on building up some other figs for when we continue and I start to rack up the gold.  One of the henchmen we found by running some demo games that are completely underrated are Warhounds.  Yes, they can't earn experience, but for 15 GC a piece they're cheap and do an awesome job at bogging down the enemy.  So once I get to the point where I have some extra spending money, they'll go into putting these bad boys in the list: