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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Dystopian Wars - Part 5 - Arghhh we be pirates.

"Inside this box is a Prussian Empire Raider Flotilla. A Raider Flotilla adds an almost unstoppable left-hook to any Prussian Naval Fleet, bringing with it a multitude of fast moving, well-armed warships of all shapes and sizes. Whether advancing with the rest of the fleet or adding a supporting flank charge to a main advance, these Raiders make a great contribution to the Prussian war effort."  - Dystopian Wars Website

I see this box set being used as a small escort chasing down the stragglers of a fleet left over from an initial engagement or even dealing with coastal disputes of commerce and inspections.

Contains: 2 x Konigsburg Class Battlecruisers, 4 x Stolz Class Destroyers and 5 x Saxony Class Corvettes. Models unpainted and unassembled.