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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Team Yankee West Germans Part 2

Well, were back with an update on the West Germans.  They were primed with Army Painter Green and allowed to dry completely before busting out the airbrush to paint the camouflage pattern on them.  I was able to pick up the Battlefront paint set for almost half off during "Black Friday" sales.  Wish I bought more as the new bottle are much smaller and the paint goes quickly in the airbrush.

So step one for me was to lay down a coat of NATO Green on each of the hulls.

Once that was allowed to dry I then prepared Worn Rubber for the next layer.  This one done very carefully with my cheap airbrush and I was careful not to water my paint down to much.

Next some Woodland Brown was applied in patches on the hulls and turrets.  This was the most diffcult part of the paint as it required me to be carful not to over do the brown.

Once completed they were allowed to sit and dry for 24 hours.  While is not necessary it does allow the paint to dry and harden onto the model.