Things of note

Friday, May 19, 2017

Bolt Action - Even more soviets

This week I get to build a T34/85 one of my favorite tanks from the soviet army.  The model is absolutely lovely and a dream to build.  While the infantry had issues this thing went together like a dream, in fact it went to fast I had it built in an evening.

Now I have a squad and tank completed in about 3 days time.  This is the fastest army build in a long while.  It was during this time that I made the decision to only paint this army to a tabletop standard and use the Army Builder products complete line of tips and tricks including dip varnishing them in wash.

Since the tank was completed I decided to start work on my second squad.  This one is a straight up SMG squad armed with the PPSH and nothing else.  One other thing of note, some of you might notice that my "Free" rifle squad has helmeted heads while the SMG squad has winter headgear.  This is to easily identity them on the table.  We'll see how it goes when they are painted.

Oh boy, they went together much better than the rifle squad.  Managed to finish off the second squad which means up next is another tank!