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Friday, May 12, 2017

Bolt Action - More Soviets.....

This week I am back with the start of my soviets, and a little complaint about warlords games plastics.  My plan is to build and complete in a specific order to keep me motivated.  Anyone who has ever built a horde army will know that when your building 20,40, or 80 infantry for gaming at some point you will give up and play with the gray army at some point.  Fortunately for me Justin has agreed to play at 500 points to start out and learn the rules.  "Unfortunately" this means that I have somewhere around 40 infantry models I have to build and paint out of the gate.

Part of that "Motivation" is to build an infantry platoon and then a vehicle.  This will hopefully prevent me from burning out on the infantry.

First Squad getting built

 So to start with I decided to with "Free" infantry squad I get every game.  They are a nice addition to the army and will act as a meat shield for more important units.

Now what I don't like about the models.....they did not fit up very well and I have gaps at shoulders and with rifles meeting hands.  The parts are extremely fiddly and break/bend very easily.  Other than that the models are nice and afford a whole range of options.  The only major thing and this is what has caused me to purchase another box of 40 infantry is because on each sprue you get one guy laying down.
Completely Built

To base the models I am using this pumice paste that I found from Vallejo, this stuff is great and makes basing very easy.  Which this whole army is all about easy.

Basing Complete