Things of note

Friday, June 16, 2017

Bolt Action - Expanding the force !!!

After my first game with the guys, its time for reinforcements because I know there will be some list tailoring going on in the coming weeks.  With that in mind its time to start building the cool stuff of the Soviet Army.

Light Mortar
Medium Mortar
MMG number two!!!
45mm Anti-Tank Team
Various other metal models that came with my starter army.

Oh and the best part of game-day was seeing how effective snipers were, so I decided to throw one together quickly.  Have to say it came out nicely!

The other thing was at the next points level we get to add some vehicles, now my gaming group assuming that I will add some T35's or some other Soviet monster!  Nope I went completely the opposite way and got myself two British Universal Carriers.  These things are brutal by adding an additional LMG to each one and still transporting a small squad.

I modeled them up to show when they are embarked and disembarked.  Simply by putting them on a base and flush mounting a magnet into that base.  Using some extra soviets I was able to build some passengers on the back.