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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Battle Valor Gaming - Orc Army

Been super busy with the holidays and getting ready for my gaming groups Mordheim Campaign to kick off.  But enough of my busy life, onto what has been worked on.  I came across the below banner file while searching for inspiration for my paint scheme.  The only difference will be the glowing blue will be replaced with a deeper blue on my shields.

I started with my orcs who are armed with axes and shields.  I did notice that I can split them up into light, medium, and heavy armor but decided to just combine all my troops so they have a bit of haphazard look to them. For units that are 4 to a base I will be painting them and then gluing them down separately.

Filed and laying them out for unit size

Skin color and basic colors

I am working on multiple units at the sametime

Completed and now need shields done

Glued and ready for some detail painting

I finally decided on a simple blue triangle for shields

Glued to bases and laid out ready for texture pumice
   Below is the final painting on the bases with some simple highlights.  Since I am planing on using a new toy from Warlords games for the static grass they will stay at this stage for now.