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Friday, January 12, 2018

Battle Valor Gaming - Orcs

Next unit up for painting and building are my archers, these were actually started while I was half way completed during the infantry unit.  But laying out the bases and individual archers was the first step and then cleaning them up.  Since archers are two to a base I am able to build and paint them on the base.  Which did speed up the painting and completion of the unit, these were completed last November so they do not count towards the 2018 completion counts.

Sculpts are simply amazing.

Glued into place.

Pumice applied and allowed to dry over night

Dried and primer next

Completed unit and ready for flock later on
I did prepare another unit this time they are goblins to represent my required Levy unit.  Since they are much smaller compared to the Orcs I based them six to a base.  This also meant that I needed to  order twice the amount than you would normally need.  These will count towards my 2018 counts since all I have done with them at this point is lay them out and begin cleaning them up.

They do look really cool.