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Friday, February 16, 2018

Mordheim Terrain - Engineers Shop

For Mordheim I am building a "travel" table for use at our local gaming store.  My criteria is very simple for this as I want the terrain to be light and durable as I am sure it will be manhandled quite a bit.  For this I turned to Plastcraft pre-cut terrain.  It is easy to use and assemble while having the option to spruce it up to make it more visually stunning.

Link to Plastcraft Online Store
I started with the two story construction and making sure all the walls can fit.  The superglue I use makes setting pieces tricky if you do not dry fit them first.  But I can build the whole structure in an evening which is nice.

You will notice that I have the basic frame built and am adding some textured sheet to the lower level of the building.  Also make note of the "framing" timbers being hand carved with an exacto knife.  This makes the model look better in the end.

One of the reasons I like these kits is that they provide you with resin doors and windows that are a nicel built.  Sometimes as you can see in the below picture they are a little warped or short.  Not a huge deal for me but something to keep in mind.

The only drawback is the extremely plain roofs but I have a quick fix for this.  I cut strips of plasti-card and do some scoring on them and then a little trimming and filing.  This creates a slat roof look that when painted comes out nicely.

For some roofs I like to do a simple wood planking with craft store strips.

Since this is to be an engineering shop we need an appropriate sign.  Micheal's had a package of flat gears for steampunk costume designs last year and they make great model decorations as well.

Completed building awaiting paint, it is a lovely kit and I have another one that will most likely become an alchemist shop.